There’s a saying like this, “Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does,” and I have to agree. Whether I was the one who uses silent treatment on people or not, I always have this mental alert not to talk much because that would be 99% consisted of nonsense and 1% the truth.

It’s not that I constantly lie or talking nonsense to people, but I just judge myself to be bad at speaking (especially in public) and I don’t know how to start a conversation most of the time. I always end up regretting my thoughtlessly acts. Though if I have to be the one who initiates, I would carefully pick up my words, which is time-consuming and makes the person next to me tired of waiting, so s/he has to take over the conversation or not even bother to talk to me at all.

My definition of silence?

Something that makes me nervous and has to constantly remind myself that there’s nothing bad happens. It is something that contributes to some of my anxiety or self-doubts episodes as well. When there’s silence, the mind speaks louder. If an outlet is needed, I choose to write, and the silence just keeps on going.


2 thoughts on “Shaken

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